This brief tutorial demonstrate how you can automatically start recording a Jitsi call using the Iframe programatic API. This feature has been requested for a very long time. Finally its here. It used to be a pain; once you got recording to work, you now had to find nifty hacks to start the recording automatically. Not anymore.


  • A Functional Jitsi Server Installation
  • Jibri Installation Complete and Functional
  • Iframe API setup with your code

According to the documentation available on the official handbook,

the API is as follows

  • startRecording – Starts a file recording or streaming depending on the passed on params.
    • for YouTube streams, recording mode should be stream and youtubeStreamKey must be provided. youtubeBroadcastID is optional.
    • for Dropbox recording, recording mode should be file and a dropbox oauth2 token must be provided. Also, dropbox saving should be enabled on the used jitsi meet deploy config.
    • for file recording, recording mode should be file and optionally shouldShare could be passed on. No other params should be passed.

api.executeCommand('startRecording', {
    mode: string //recording mode, either `file` or `stream`.
    dropboxToken: string, //dropbox oauth2 token.
    shouldShare: boolean, //whether the recording should be shared with the participants or not. Only applies to certain jitsi meet deploys.
    youtubeStreamKey: string, //the youtube stream key.
    youtubeBroadcastID: string //the youtube broacast ID.
  • stopRecording – Stops an ongoing recording, stream or file.
    mode: string //recording mode to stop, `stream` or `file`


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